How Duchamp's Works

1. Discovery

We consign, authenticate, and present assets from collections and individuals around the world, focusing on assets that are cool, rare, and valuable.

2. Digitizing

After we decide that an asset meets our criteria to be auctioned, we digitize its Property Title, which is the legal record of who owns the asset. We then upload it to the Ethereum blockchain as a non-fungible token ("NFT"). Upon its creation, the NFT is the legally-binding Property Title for the physical asset.

3. Auctions

Each Duchamp's auction is for a single lot – the physical asset – conducted in English style (like eBay, Sotheby's or Christie's) on OpenSea. Bids are accepted exclusively in cryptocurrency. An auction's highest bidder wins both the physical asset and the Property Title NFT, immediately making the winner the legal owner of the asset.

4. Fulfillment

We offer winners two fulfillment options for their asset.

White Glove Delivery

We arrange fully-insured shipment or hand-delivery of the asset to a destination, anywhere in the world, of winner's choosing.

This option is optimal for winners who want to live with, wear, or show off their asset and are comfortable with storage, insurance and other costs associated with protecting your asset's value.

Duchamp's Asset Custody

We can retain possession of the physical asset. It is insured for its full value and stored in our custody facility. The facility is climate controlled and is protected by bank-level security. This option is optimal for winners who are interested in easily selling their Property Title NFT without the burden of transferring their physical asset to a subsequent owner.