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Can I talk to a human?

Please email us at


How does a Duchamp's auction work?

See How It Works.

Is it safe to buy on Duchamp's?

When you win a Duchamp's auction, you receive both a physical asset and a non-fungible token ("NFT"). The NFT is the legally-binding property title for the physical asset. Purchasing this NFT makes you the owner of the physical asset, and legally requires Duchamp's to transfer possession of the physical asset to you.

This system is already commonplace when purchasing real estate and automobiles, but Duchamp's is the first to offer it for on-chain purchases of physical assets. Maintaining your trust is our most important value, and this system guarantees – through a transparent and verifiable legal obligation – the delivery of your asset.

How does authentication work? How do you guarantee the authenticity of assets?

For each asset that we auction, Duchamp's works with an expert in that assets class in order to verify its authenticity.

What proof is there that Duchamp's has custody of the asset?

Each Duchamp's NFT includes photographs of the asset taken by our team. Each photo includes the asset's on-chain address.

How is the NFT linked to the physical asset?

The NFT includes all information necessary – photographs of the asset from multiple angles, description, and recorded provenance – for its owner to legally prove that he/she is the owner of the linked physical asset.

After purchasing an asset, how long will Duchamp's store my asset before I need to claim it?

We offer Duchamp's Asset Management for purchasers who are interested in long-term storage of their asset, ensuring that your asset retains its value. After purchasing, you are able to indicate whether you would like to take physical possession of the asset or sign up for Duchamp's Asset Management.

Can I view an asset in-person prior to purchasing?

Yes; to schedule an appointment to view an asset, please email

How does delivery work?

All assets are shipped from the East Coast of the United States. International shipments may be subject to additional shipping charges, and any import taxes are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Shipments to Asia and Europe usually arrive within 7 days.


Can I sell something from my collection on Duchamp's? What kind of assets are you interested in?

We are always excited to consign rare and valuable assets. Please email to learn more about our consignment.

I want to sell an asset. How does the process work?

1. Tell us about your asset

You provide us background information about the asset and its ownership history, and at least three photographs of it.

2. Review

We review the provided information and determine if we can auction your asset. If so, we will provide you with an auction price estimate.

3. Authentication

If you decide to auction your asset, you will send it to Duchamp's for authentication and listing.

4. Remittance

Upon sale, you will be paid the sale price, minus a fee, in the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Why sell through Duchamp's?

We have spoken with many collectors who want to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but they do not have free cash and do not want to liquidate their stocks and bonds.

Duchamp's is the only auction house that gives you the option of being paid in the cryptocurrency of your choice. To learn more about our white-glove consignment process, please email

Can I sell my digital artwork NFTs through Duchamp's?

No; we focus exclusively on assets that have longstanding cultural value and do not sell digital artworks.

About The House

Who are you?

We are a team of collectors and investors, entrepreneurs and software engineers, who are passionate about finding cool, valuable assets and making markets for them using blockchain technology. We believe this is the future of transactions.

Why call yourselves Duchamp's ?

At the beginning of the 20th century, the French artist Marcel Duchamp redefined what people thought of as art, and today he is regarded as the father of Conceptual Art.

We, along with other pioneers working with blockchains and financial technology, are redefining money, how society thinks about value, and how people transact. By calling ourselves Duchamp's, we pay homage to a legacy of pioneering contrarianism.